The 10 Ultimate Chatgpt Plugins For Productivity

Ah, the world of AI. It’s like diving into a sci-fi novel, isn’t it? When I first dipped my toes into the ChatGPT universe, I felt like a kid in a candy store. And guess what made it even sweeter? The ChatGPT plugins. Let me share with you 10 of these gems that have not only enhanced my work but also added some fun to the mix.

These 10 Chatgpt Plugins would blow your mind in terms of improving the overall productivity. Do have a look !

Talk With Docs

  • Description: Imagine having a personal assistant that dives into your documents, fetches information, and even makes edits. That’s Talk With Docs for you.
  • How to use: Once you’ve got it installed and linked to your docs, just ask away.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “What’s the gist of my last report?”
    • “How many times did I mention ‘quantum computing’ in my thesis?”
    • “Can you jazz up the conclusion of my article?”
    • “Translate the summary to French for my international colleagues.”
    • “Where did I list the project objectives?”
  • Use case: Remember the night before my big presentation? I had forgotten to edit a crucial document. Talk With Docs was my knight in shining armor.

Tan Pilot

  • Description: It’s like having a GPS for navigating the vast landscape of tech tasks. Lost? Tan Pilot to the rescue.
  • How to use: Just tell Tan Pilot your destination (task), and let it guide you.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “I’m lost with setting up this neural network. Help?”
    • “Why is this code giving me an error?”
    • “Explain the steps to integrate this new software.”
    • “How do I use ChatGPT for my blog?”
    • “Guide me through this data analysis.”
  • Use case: I recall being utterly confused about a particular coding task. Tan Pilot was like that patient teacher who walked me through, step by step.


  • Description: If machine learning code feels like an alien language, TaskML is your trusty translator.
  • How to use: Describe your ML needs, and watch as TaskML crafts or deciphers code for you.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Draft a Python script for a logistic regression model.”
    • “What does this chunk of deep learning code do?”
    • “This ML algorithm is acting up. Help?”
    • “How can I make this code more efficient?”
    • “Show me a sample of a clustering algorithm.”
  • Use case: I once had a project deadline looming, and my ML code was a mess. TaskML didn’t just help; it was a lifesaver.

Telegraph Export

  • Description: Ever wanted to share your ChatGPT sessions in a neat, readable format? Telegraph Export lets you do just that.
  • How to use: After a ChatGPT session, activate Telegraph Export to generate a shareable link.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Export this conversation for my team to review.”
    • “Create a shareable link of this session.”
    • “I want to save this chat for later. Can you help?”
    • “How do I share this with my colleague?”
    • “Generate a readable version of our discussion.”
  • Use case: I once had a groundbreaking brainstorming session with ChatGPT. Thanks to Telegraph Export, I shared it with my team, and it became the foundation of our project.

Text Count

  • Description: Keeping tabs on your word count has never been easier. Perfect for writers and content creators.
  • How to use: Ask ChatGPT about the word count, character count, or any other text metrics after your session.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “How many words did I write?”
    • “What’s the character count of this text?”
    • “Did I exceed 500 words?”
    • “How long is this article?”
    • “Give me a breakdown of this text’s metrics.”
  • Use case: As a writer, I often lose track of word counts. Text Count has been invaluable, especially when I’m crafting content with strict limits.

The Bolt

  • Description: Supercharge your ChatGPT with The Bolt, enhancing its response speed and accuracy.
  • How to use: Activate The Bolt before starting your ChatGPT session for a turbocharged experience.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Activate The Bolt mode.”
    • “I need quick responses. Turn on The Bolt.”
    • “Enhance this session’s accuracy.”
    • “I’m in a hurry. Speed up the replies.”
    • “Give me the best performance for this chat.”
  • Use case: During a live demo, I needed ChatGPT to be at its best. The Bolt ensured I got swift and accurate responses, impressing my audience.

The Remembotron

  • Description: A plugin that helps ChatGPT remember past interactions, making your sessions more personalized.
  • How to use: Activate The Remembotron at the start of your session to let ChatGPT recall past chats.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Remember our last conversation about space?”
    • “Continue from where we left off yesterday.”
    • “Recall the project details we discussed.”
    • “Bring up our last brainstorming session.”
    • “What did we conclude in our previous chat?”
  • Use case: Working on a month-long project, I had iterative sessions with ChatGPT. The Remembotron ensured continuity, making it feel like I was collaborating with a human teammate.


  • Description: Integrate your to-do lists and tasks with ChatGPT, making productivity a breeze.
  • How to use: Link TickTick with ChatGPT and manage, update, or inquire about your tasks seamlessly.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Add ‘Meeting with John’ to my to-do list for tomorrow.”
    • “What tasks do I have for today?”
    • “Remind me to send the report by 5 PM.”
    • “How many tasks are pending this week?”
    • “Set a reminder for my dentist appointment.”
  • Use case: Juggling multiple tasks, TickTick became my personal assistant. With ChatGPT’s integration, I felt like I had a secretary, reminding me and keeping me on track.


  • Description: A daily learning diary integrated with ChatGPT. Document what you learn every day.
  • How to use: After a learning session with ChatGPT, use TILNOTE to jot down your takeaways.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Save today’s learning about quantum physics.”
    • “Show me what I learned last week.”
    • “Add this fact to my learning diary.”
  • Recap our last learning session.”
  • “Document this interesting tidbit for future reference.”
  • Use case: I’ve always believed in lifelong learning. With TILNOTE, I’ve documented countless fascinating facts and insights, creating a treasure trove of knowledge.

There you have it! These plugins have been my companions on the AI journey, each adding a unique flavor. From late-night brainstorming sessions to frantic project deadlines, they’ve been there, making the ride smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, I promise these tools will add a dash of magic to your AI adventures. So, why wait? Dive in and let the magic begin!

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