10 Amazing ChatGPT Plugins for Productivity

In the ever-evolving cosmos of AI, ChatGPT stands as a beacon of possibilities. But, what if there’s a way to unlock even more of its potential? Welcome to the realm of ChatGPT Enhancements! These ChatGPT Plugins for Productivity are not just add-ons; they are gateways to uncharted territories in your AI journey. Let me guide you through ten of these enhancements that have been nothing short of revolutionary for me.


  • Description: TimeMachine is your gateway to the past, allowing you to revisit previous ChatGPT sessions and ensuring no golden nugget of insight is ever lost.
  • How to use: Simply activate TimeMachine, specify the date or topic, and voila, you’re back in time!
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Can we go back to our chat about ChatGPT Enhancements from last Friday?”
    • “Revisit our enlightening discussion about quantum mechanics.”
    • “Bring up the brainstorming session from three weeks ago.”
    • “I need to review the advice you gave me last month.”
    • “Show me our conversation about the impact of AI.”
  • Use case: TimeMachine was my savior when I needed to recall a brilliant idea from a past session during a project crunch.


  • Description: TimeNavi is like having a personal time management assistant. It integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT, helping you manage your tasks efficiently.
  • How to use: Link TimeNavi with ChatGPT and watch as your scheduling woes disappear.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Schedule a brainstorming session for next Tuesday.”
    • “When is my next appointment?”
    • “Can we move my meeting with Sarah to Thursday?”
    • “Set a reminder for the project deadline.”
    • “Give me an overview of my day tomorrow.”
  • Use case: TimeNavi has been my go-to for managing a hectic schedule, ensuring I never miss a beat.


  • Description: When time is of the essence, TL;DR becomes your reading companion, summarizing lengthy texts in a blink.
  • How to use: Feed ChatGPT a text and ask for a TL;DR version.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Can you give me a TL;DR of this research paper?”
    • “Summarize the main points of this article.”
    • “I’m short on time; can you condense this document?”
    • “Provide a brief overview of this lengthy report.”
    • “Highlight the key findings of this study.”
  • Use case: TL;DR was a lifesaver when I had to quickly grasp the essence of multiple research papers for a deadline.

Slide Maker

  • Description: Transform your ChatGPT sessions into visually appealing slideshows with Slide Maker.
  • How to use: Activate Slide Maker post-session and watch your conversation turn into a presentation.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Turn our brainstorming session into slides.”
    • “Create a presentation based on this conversation.”
    • “Generate slides for our project discussion.”
    • “I need a visual summary of our talk; can you make it?”
    • “Convert this chat into a slideshow for my meeting.”
  • Use case: Slide Maker turned my conceptual discussions with ChatGPT into engaging presentations, making meetings more impactful.

Smart Connections

  • Description: Smart Connections enhances ChatGPT’s ability to interlink diverse topics, enriching your conversations.
  • How to use: Activate Smart Connections and witness ChatGPT draw connections between seemingly unrelated subjects.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Can you relate quantum physics to AI?”
    • “Draw connections between Renaissance art and modern design.”
    • “Find similarities between classical music and coding patterns.”
    • “How does economics influence technological trends?”
    • “Can you relate ancient architecture to modern engineering principles?”
  • Use case: Smart Connections enabled me to see the unseen, drawing unexpected parallels during a debate, leaving the audience in awe.

Smart Slides

  • Description: Elevate your presentations with Smart Slides, turning your ideas into visually compelling stories.
  • How to use: Share your content with ChatGPT and ask it to create Smart Slides.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Create Smart Slides for my project overview.”
    • “Turn these points into an engaging slideshow.”
    • “I need a visually appealing presentation for these ideas.”
    • “Design slides that convey the essence of my proposal.”
    • “Generate a creative slideshow for my meeting.”
  • Use case: Smart Slides transformed my rudimentary ideas into visually stunning presentations, leaving my clients impressed.


  • Description: Bring your ChatGPT interactions to life with Speechki, turning text into natural, human-like speech.
  • How to use: Activate Speechki and ask ChatGPT to read out the text or conversation. ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Can you read this out in a British accent?”
    • “I’d like to hear this text in a female voice.”
    • “Convert this chat into an audio format.”
    • “Narrate this story for me.”
    • “I want to listen to this article; can you read it out?”
  • Use case: Speechki has been my companion during long drives, turning articles and chats into engaging podcasts.


  • Description: SuperColleague is like having a virtual teammate, assisting you in collaborative tasks and brainstorming.
  • How to use: Activate SuperColleague when you need collaborative input or assistance in tasks.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Help me brainstorm ideas for the upcoming campaign.”
    • “Let’s collaboratively draft an outline for the project.”
    • “I need a teammate’s perspective on this issue.”
    • “Assist me in creating a strategy for the next quarter.”
    • “Let’s jointly review this document and make improvements.”
  • Use case: On days when I felt isolated working remotely, SuperColleague became my virtual teammate, making tasks collaborative and fun.

SID (Smart Interactive Dashboard)

  • Description: SID transforms your ChatGPT experience, offering an interactive dashboard for enhanced visualization and control.
  • How to use: Activate SID and navigate your ChatGPT sessions with an interactive interface.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Show me a visual representation of our chat analytics.”
    • “Display the key points from our last session on the dashboard.”
    • “I want to see a graphical summary of our discussions.”
    • “Highlight the main insights from our brainstorming on SID.”
    • “Provide a visual breakdown of our project discussions.”
  • Use case: SID made my review sessions more intuitive, offering a visual summary and control like never before.


  • Description: Skrive is a writer’s dream, assisting in content creation, editing, and refining.
  • How to use: Share your content with ChatGPT and ask Skrive for assistance in editing, refining, or even expanding.
  • ChatGPT prompt examples:
    • “Help me refine this article for publication.”
    • “I need assistance in expanding this story.”
    • “Can you edit this content for clarity and coherence?”
    • “Provide suggestions to make this piece more engaging.”
    • “Help me draft an introduction for this topic.”
  • Use case: Skrive has been my silent editor, ensuring every piece I write is polished and publication-ready.

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From the first interaction with ChatGPT, it felt like stepping into the future. But with these enhancements, it’s like having a key to different rooms of possibilities in that future. Each plugin, with its unique capabilities, promises a richer, more intuitive, and more productive experience. So, why wait? Dive in, explore, and let the magic of AI unfold!

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