2 Powerful ChatGPT Plugin for 3D Assets and Printing

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT stands out as a beacon of innovation. With its diverse range of plugins, it’s revolutionizing industries, especially in the realm of 3D assets and printing. Today, we’ll delve deep into two standout chatgpt plugin: Asset Ovi and Everyprint3D.

Asset Ovi: The 3D Asset Maestro Chatgpt Plugin

Category: 3D Assets

Asset Ovi is a one-stop platform for sourcing the perfect 3D assets, catering to diverse needs from gaming to AR/VR. Whether you’re a game developer or an AR enthusiast, this platform has got you covered.

How to use:
Simply navigate to the Asset Ovi website and use the intuitive search functionality to find the 3D asset of your choice.

ChatGPT Prompt Examples:

  1. “Find me a low poly car model on Asset Ovi.”
  2. “Search for AR-compatible 3D models on Asset Ovi.”
  3. “List top-rated 3D assets for gaming from Asset Ovi.”
  4. “Show me the latest additions to Asset Ovi’s database.”
  5. “Recommend some 3D assets for VR simulations from Asset Ovi.”

Use Case:
Game developers can seamlessly integrate Asset Ovi with their development environment, allowing them to quickly source and implement 3D assets, speeding up the game development process.

Everyprint3D: Bringing Ideas to Life

Category: 3D Printing

Everyprint3D is not just another 3D printing tool; it’s a revolution. With its biodegradable and environmentally friendly options, it’s the go-to for intricate designs.

How to use:
Head over to the Everyprint3D website and explore the vast array of 3D printing options available.

ChatGPT Prompt Examples:

  1. “Find me eco-friendly 3D printing options on Everyprint3D.”
  2. “Search for heat-resistant materials on Everyprint3D.”
  3. “List the top-rated 3D printing designs on Everyprint3D.”
  4. “Show me the latest 3D printing trends on Everyprint3D.”
  5. “Recommend some 3D printing materials for outdoor use from Everyprint3D.”

Use Case:
Architects and designers can utilize Everyprint3D to bring their 3D visualizations to life, creating tangible models for presentations and client meetings.

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